6 Tips on Choosing Hosting to Get a Better Life

6 Tips on Choosing Hosting to Get a Better Life

6 Tips on Choosing Hosting to Get a Better Life

Hi, in the tutorial that was just posted yesterday, there has been little discussion about tips on choosing hosting, because the main discussion is not about how to choose hosting. But more to how to transfer large files from one hosting to another hosting, you can read it yourself, okay?

This article is made as a note, which later will be used as an appeal, suggestion, benchmark, pedestal so that later on all friends or readers or anyone who has been given information that will choose hosting provider services will no longer experience the slump as experienced by the author and the person previously, that does not mean the author made it a way to monopolize hosting services or the like because, first the author does not have hosting services, secondly, findvpsreview.com is only affiliated with good hosting like VULTR. which also has a criterion of 6 points below and has proven reliability.

Simply put, these tips can be used as a reference so that when you search / choose hosting to be occupied, it can be specific compared to any hosting that has 6 criteria points that will be discussed later and ultimately feasible to be occupied, and you do not regret in the future, and your life will be better , can think of other things, and not dwell on one thing. So ...

Let us start discussing one by one tips on choosing hosting:

1. Support

We position support at number one, why not the price? It's normal for us to choose hosting, the price is always the benchmark from the start. Just info that has a very cheap price always ends with support and speed of web access that becomes lousy. Will you? SAY NO !! Hehe ... Understandably the spirit of the morning.

So how to check the high support responsibility of the hosting that you will occupy?

It's easy there are 3 stages,

First check whether social media is live?

Second Is the blog also updated?

Third, check in forums looking for problems in the past year regarding hosting, is it handled properly?

If everything is fulfilled, it means that from here you can immediately choose the hosting for you to live. If these criteria are not met, just find another one.

2. Security

Security is also certainly a major problem that you should think about if you want to choose hosting.

In the past a few years ago the writer was contacted by a hosting owner who complained because findvpsreviews.com was diligent at posting articles that smelled of a security system that was somewhat eccentric at that time, as a result there were several users who tried it and had an impact on the hosting damage. these mothers.

After searching, we have a calibration, it turns out hosting services owned by mothers who complained was weak in terms of security systems, or in other words the employees are very minimal knowledge of security systems so that the impact on the hosted security system, it could be because of hosting it have a standard setting, so clearly the mothers can only open hosting services without regard to the security side.

Now if you are going to choose hosting services, make sure beforehand in the last 6 months there is no IP owned by the hosting server's server perched on the zone-h.org database. Zone-h is a website that contains information on websites hacked by crackers, information in the form of ip and name. You can ask the hosting how much IP range then you check in the h-zone is there? If there are more, look for another hosting that you deserve.

3. Speed

Well, usually if the first two points mentioned earlier have been fulfilled, we can be sure of this point, meaning speed is of course on quality hosting. To see the speed of access you can test it with several web tools such as https://check-host.net/. You can find out hosting speed info, using ping. Ping is used to test connectivity from various countries to the host server. The smaller the time (ms) pinging the host server means the faster / better hosting.

4. Space and bandwidth

I think this one does not need to be given an explanation anymore, because now there are many hosting in your place that has quality to provide unlimited space for web hosting services. Although in fact they have estimated how much is needed for a website to still be able to exist. just findvpsreviews.com so far the total image and database is less than 1GB, with an average visit rate of two thousand visitors per day. Even though it was founded in 2007.

But it's different if you want to create a news web portal that requires uploading images every day, maybe hosting is not feasible to use, you can use a cloud server, but still pay attention to the 6 things described in this article.

5. Features and Facilities

I think for the features and facilities that have been provided most of course there is also hosting on quality hosting, you could say the standardization already exists for hosting owners to provide adequate facilities. So many features that I myself have long been in the world of web development sometimes have to frown while googling asking questions while looking for answers, in fact the facilities offered by hosting what is its function?

What is clear is that hosting must really support the environment that you use, for example if you use wordpress as an engine then the hosting must also support the things that wordpress needs so that it can execute php scripts and of course the mysql database. If you already use nodejs, the hosting must also support it. That's all according to the author. At least another thing to note is the service for daily backups, so that if someday something unexpected happens then you can easily ask the hosting service provider to restore it just back to the previous day.

6. Price

The last is price, I don't think it will matter if all the previous points are met and proven to be reliable, because satisfying service certainly does not make the problem to spend more deeply. And if you have pockets that aren't in the writer's suggestion, just donkey don't fall into the same hole twice. A little cruel, but for your own good ... hehehe

Yes that's enough discussion about how to choose hosting that makes your future better.

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