Aws Virtual Private Server

Aws Virtual Private Server. Securely access your AWS Client VPN with federated and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Get extensive availability for AWS Site-to-Site VPN with multiple global AWS Availability Zones.

What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS? - Whizlabs Blog
What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS? - Whizlabs Blog (Marguerite Farmer)
Automatically configure networking, access, and security environments. On the Configure Instance Details page, enter a name for the instance and select the VPC you set up earlier. Amazon Lightsail is a simple Virtual Private Server hosted on AWS.

It is logically isolated from other virtual networks in the AWS Cloud.

It gives designers everything they need to jump into their project: compute, networking, and storage, all for a low, predictable price.

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In the navigation pane on the left, click Your VPCs on the VPC dashboard. Using this service, you can deploy and run applications without the need to manage your servers or hardware. You can extend your existing on-premises network into a VPC, or connect to other AWS resources from a client.

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