Setup Godaddy Virtual Private Server

Setup Godaddy Virtual Private Server. Note: The exact steps for connecting via SSH depend on the SSH client you use (we suggest PuTTy for Windows, or Terminal for macOS). GoDaddy VPS Hosting includes up to three free dedicated IP addresses to use for custom applications.

A Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) or Virtual Private Server (VPS) is different to a true dedicated server in that a dedicated server is a single server (basically a computer designed for websites etc…) that only you have use of, whilst a virtual server is a single server that's shared with multiple users in a way that only you have access to PART of the server resources. Note: You can get the relevant information to fill from your host provider - GoDaddy. This is used for a couple of Apps that I have in the app store and I am in the process of selling the apps along with the Website.

Click on (add) under 'Host Summary' on the bottom left again.

Choose your VPN on Check Point's setup wizard.

Under Servers, select your preferred, click Manage. Select the domain name you want to use, and then select Edit. Get managed VPS Hosting from GoDaddy.

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